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IPA Communications Reports

This page functions as the repository for Illinois Power Agency communications reported to the Illinois Procurement Policy Board per [30 ILCS 500/50-39]:

Sec. 50‑39. Procurement communications reporting requirement.

  1. Any written or oral communication received by a State employee that imparts or requests material information or makes a material argument regarding potential action concerning a procurement matter, including, but not limited to, an application, a contract, or a project, shall be reported to the Procurement Policy Board, and with respect to the Illinois Power Agency, by the initiator of the communication, and may be reported also by the recipient. Any person communicating orally, in writing, electronically, or otherwise with the Director or any person employed by, or associated with, the Illinois Power Agency to impart, solicit, or transfer any information related to the content of any power procurement plan, the manner of conducting any power procurement process, the procurement of any power supply or the method or structure of contracting with power suppliers must disclose to the procurement Policy Board the full nature, content, and extent of any such communication in writing by submitting a report with the following information:
    1. The names of any party to the communication.
    2. The date on which the communication occurred.
    3. The time at which the communication occurred.
    4. The duration of the communication.
    5. The method (written, oral, etc.) of the communication.
    6. A summary of the substantive content of the communication.
      These communications do not include the following: (i) statements by a person publicly made in a public forum; (ii) statements regarding matters of procedure and practice, such as format, the number of copies required, the manner of filing, and the status of a matter; and (iii) statements made by a State employee of the agency to the agency head or other employees of that agency or to the employees of the Executive Ethics Commission. The provisions of this Section shall not apply to communications regarding the administration and implementation of an existing contract, except communications regarding change orders or the renewal or extension of a contract.The names of any party to the communication
  2. The report required by subsection (a) shall be submitted monthly and include at least the following: (i) the date and time of each communication; (ii) the identity of each person from whom the written or oral communication was received, the individual or entity represented by that person, and any action the person requested or recommended; (iii) the identity and job title of the person to whom each communication was made; (iv) if a response is made, the identity and job title of the person making each response; (v) a detailed summary of the points made by each person involved in the communication; (vi) the duration of the communication; (vii) the location or locations of all persons involved in the communication and, if the communication occurred by telephone, the telephone numbers for the callers and recipients of the communication; and (viii) any other pertinent information.
  3. Additionally, when an oral communication made by a person required to register under the Lobbyist Registration Act is received by a State employee that is covered under this Section, all individuals who initiate or participate in the oral communication shall submit a written report to that State employee that memorializes the communication and includes, but is not limited to, the items listed in subsection (b).
  4. The Procurement Policy Board shall make each report submitted pursuant to this Section available on its website within 7 days after its receipt of the report. The Procurement Policy Board may promulgate rules to ensure compliance with this Section.
  5. The reporting requirements shall also be conveyed through ethics training under the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act. An employee who knowingly and intentionally violates this Section shall be subject to suspension or discharge. The Executive Ethics Commission shall promulgate rules, including emergency rules, to implement this Section.
  6. This Section becomes operative on January 1, 2011.

(Source: P.A. 96-795, eff. 7-1-10 (see Section 5 of P.A. 96-793 for the effective date of changes made by P.A. 96-795); 96-920, eff. 7-1-10; 97-333, eff. 8-12-11; 97-618, eff. 10-26-11.)

**To report a communication with the Illinois Power Agency, please use the Report of Communications with the Illinois Power Agency Report Form **

Report List

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